Carey Marx: Intensive Carey

With his show Intensive Carey, this Fringe favourite returns after a one year hiatus with the story of how he almost died, a number of times, by having a heart attack. Taking this serious subject matter, through hilariously self-deprecating anecdotes and witty one-liners, Carey Marx entertains and fascinates with this well-observed stand-up show.

Greeting the punters at the door, Marx immediately strikes a great rapport with the audience, which makes the whole concept of the show a little easier to swallow as it is more like being told a story by an old friend rather than having the potentially awkward separation of performer and audience. Marx then begins the story of why he missed the Fringe last year: he had a heart attack that lasted 16 hours. An incredible story in itself, when crafted with ingenious comedic timing the tale is a joy to listen to.

A great feature of the show is Marx’s ability to intersect the main narrative with funny asides which do not distract from his story, but give the whole performance a little more flavour. Fantastic interludes about his relationship, his frustration at peoples’ wish to signal their loneliness to the universe and lack of socks, give a greater insight into the working of Marx’s mind and allow for some great gags along the way.

While the story told in the show is shocking, the cleverly weaved yarn that Carey spins us is incredible, hilarious and in many ways inspiring. Blending the everyday and the slightly abstract, Carey proves himself as a gifted storyteller and a very entertaining performer.

Reviews by Andy Smith

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The Blurb

I laughed at everything until I had a heart attack. Now I'm laughing at that. 'A real joy' ***** (Edinburgh Evening News). 'Thoughtful, shocking, hilarious' **** (Skinny). Best International Show, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2009, 2011.