Captain Morgan and The Sands of Time

An adventure set on the high seas that is story-telling at its very finest. Captain Morgan and the Sands of Time brings childhood memories flooding back and delivers a tale that will have audiences enraptured and not wanting to go to bed, whatever their age.

with accents and mannerisms from the four corners of the earth, each of their varied roles is a worthy character in itself

Morgan, Joe Newton, and his First Mate Hammond, Edward Richards, take the helm for this gripping tale of pirates, monsters, duels and daring. They’re supported by a cast of forty, or rather between them, Newton and Richards play forty separate roles. With accents and mannerisms from the four corners of the earth, each of their varied roles is a worthy character in itself and you’ll be hooked into cheering on favourites, booing villains and rooting for the heroes.

Captain Morgan is on the search for the elusive Sands of Time, a purpose that is to to set the scene, allow several great characters and give a framework for an entertaining yarn. The action set on the small stage with nothing but a couple of chairs for company, Newton and Richards’ energy and physical theatre take us from pitched battles on the high seas to captivating sirens luring crews to their demise.

It’s all glued together with an astonishing soundtrack from David Ridley. Armed with nothing more than a violin and accordion, it’s an effective way of taking the audience from taverns to caverns and ships to cells, alongside a repertoire of sea-shanties. It complements the scenes perfectly and couldn’t have been done better.

The true magic comes from imagining yourself as a child watching this exceptional story unfold. Uncle Newton, Uncle Richards, please tell us the story of Captain Morgan again.

Reviews by Nicholas Abrams

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The Blurb

Captain Morgan and First Mate Hammond quest for the secrets of time-travel in a rip-roaring comedy adventure. Captain Morgan and The Sands of Time has all the monsters, sword fights and shivered timbers you’d expect from a Hollywood blockbuster, delivered by two actors and one musician.