All too often, comedy shows at the Fringe can look like they are being either pretentiously clever or simply trying too hard. Thankfully, Can’t Spell Right does neither of these. This fantasy farce by the Herald Theatre Company is a breath of fresh air: fast-paced, bursting with energy and full of bizarrely comic situations that will leave you feeling much amused.

The sheer ridiculousness of the characters is the main driving force of the play.

Andrew and Ashley are two witches who are trying to woo the same man, Nick. When they cast a spell to summon the fairy of love, Gazerath, they end up summoning Gazra, Queen of Sickness and Health by mistake. A series of ridiculous events ensues.

The play may not have a particularly well-structured or logical storyline, but come to think of it, it doesn’t really need to. The sheer ridiculousness of the characters is the main driving force of the play. The actors, while of varying levels of ability, generally deliver strong and convincing performances, and their colourful and exotic costumes are a delight to behold. Scott Younger is is hilariously captivating as Lewis’ spirit friend, while Alec Mann as the bullish Gazerath has a knack for being funny even when he does nothing.

The play, written by Mark Kazakos, elicits many laughs from the audience, although a few more utterly farcical scenes would have been welcome. In some areas, the humour could also be more sharp and punchy.

If you find yourself wandering down the Royal Mile in search of some light-hearted entertainment that doesn’t ask too much of its audience, Can’t Spell Right might just be the show for you.

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The Blurb

Andrew and Lewis are two 20-year-old housemates. Only they're witches. Pretty powerful witches. But despite his magical talent, Andrew still has trouble wooing Nick. When he and Lewis try to summon Gazerath, the Spirit of Love to help Andrew win Nick's heart, they accidentally summon the flamboyant Gazra, the Spirit Queen of Sickness and Health. Andrew's plans to woo Nick go hilariously awry in this comedy of errors that features magic, spirits and a colourful cast. And like anything involving magic, absolutely anything can happen.