What better combination is there for a feel-good show than a group of men singing a cappella Britney and a book of alpaca facts? London-based singers and all-round fun guys, the Buzztones, give an eye-wateringly funny show at the Gilded Balloon that you’d be a fool to miss.

Banter between one another reflects into the audience, creating one big banterific atmosphere.

I attended the show expecting to be blasted by testosterone and ego-battling, as one might expect from a group of performers that use the statement “a cappella just grew some balls”. However, when the performance began I immediately changed my mind - they are in fact, talented, friendly, happy guys simply on the stage to have a good time. The harmonies were on point, the choreography was simple but effective and the comic timing was perfect.

Don’t come to this show expecting to see strict west-end choreography and big show numbers, because they are quite different to that. They’re just a group of friends singing together. This takes off the pressure to ensure every note and movement is perfect, and instead allows them to plainly and simply have fun, making the performance all the more endearing. The charm of each individual performer comes across at different points in the show and the banter between one another reflects into the audience, creating one big banterific atmosphere.

Particularly notable are their covers of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, Jess Glynn’s Hold My Hand and Britney Spears’ Toxic, these being some of the most contemporary songs they perform. They also do a number of fantastic compilations - containing too many songs to mention them all - but don’t doubt that these will blow you away too.

Expect a plethora of alpaca-related humour (without giving anything away), combined with a concoction of 90s, noughties and contemporary pop tunes. Expect to be high-fived, joked with and sung at. But most of all, expect to have fun watching a group of talented guys doing the same. 

Reviews by Joshua Young

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The Blurb

Buzztones back... alright?! London's premier vocal showmen return to Edinburgh (following their five-star 2013 debut) to serve up an a cappella aperitif that'll shake and stir up your Fringe. Nestled in the sweet spot between your afternoon play and evening stand-up, The Buzztones will mix you a cocktail of music, laughs and mediocre banter. These are no Glee-inspired boppers. They're a group of thirteen grown men putting their twist on all the latest tracks - no instruments, no effects. Just a team of talented friends bringing you a cappella as you've never ever heard it before.