Buddy Diamond 1960 - A night at The Stardust
  • Adelaide Fringe

Welcome to 1960. Its late at The Stardust & theyre all here to see Buddy Diamond; the charismatic Crooner whos so cool, hes hot. Hell tell you. He tells everyone.Buddy explodes onto the stage & snaps his way through cool Swing & smokin' Rock n Roll. His velvet voice & comic timing match his incredible good looks & sharp threads. Hell tell you. He tells everyone.Buddy sings about lost love, new love and being in love. Mostly with himself.Welcome to planet Coolsville Cats & Kittens.Seymour kept us laughing to the point of tears. An exceptional raconteurWOW! - WeekendPlus MagazineSeymour is in complete control & has what it takes to 'WOW' an audience"- The Advertiser