Bubble Show: Milkshake and the Bubble Flower
  • Adelaide Fringe

EVERY CHILD GOES INSIDE THEIR OWN BUBBLEA new adventure from the world's most entertaining bubble duo. Milkshake's bubble flower cannot survive a cold winter without bubbles so she must get help from Dr Bubble and quick.Smoke Bubbles, Fire Bubbles, Giant Bubbles, Carousels, Light Tables, Square Bubbles, hand bubbles and the amazing Dodecahedron.Award Nominated (Fringe World 2016 Best Children's Event) and reviewed (The Clothesline) annually create new shows combining their high level bubble artistry skills and theatrical story telling featuring Dr Bubble and Milkshake. Every year 1000's families and children flock to revisit their favorite characters in their latest adventures in different cities all over the globe. If you have not been before then treat yourself to the magic