BSMS Medic Revue

The doctor (to be) will see you now...

From clever reinterpretations of familiar medical scenarios to astute musical numbers, the BSMS Medic Review worked hard to produce a top-class show

Emulating the doctors that they would soon become, the BSMS Medic Review, a troupe of multi-talented Brighton and Sussex Medical School students, started their comedy show ten minutes late. It was with the same relief that patients get when their name is called at a late-running GP’s surgery, that the show opened, suprisingly using a pre-filmed video clip instead of the more obvious all-singing, all-dancing routine that followed.

This diversity of media continued throughout the whole programme with carefully crafted short films contrasting with the familiar live comedy skits and musical numbers. An excellent nine-piece band provided an injection of real-time energy to an already hyped cast and it was easy to see the company’s enjoyment of their own material. And this material was, at times, excellent.

Ranging from clever reinterpretations of familiar medical scenarios e.g. what patients, doctors and medical students really think in a clinic situation to an astute musical reworking of Chicago’s Cell Block Tango to fit a hospital context, the BSMS Medic Review had worked hard to produce a top-class show. A particular highlight was BSMS Baby, a split-screen video of the entire cast singing a beautiful barbershop acapella original song. The company included some vocally strong members but as with most amateur productions, clarity of live sung lyrics and thus the audience’s understanding of the content, suffered in sound calibration.

Understandably proud of their work and rehearsal, the BSMS Medic Review fell into that old trap of over-indulgence and at three hours running time, this is a long show. The audience, largely members of the medical school and hospital community, were sympathetic towards their own, however, the Medic Review is open to the public and should be mindful of that. Some internal jokes will undoubtedly fall flat and the material that works best is usually universally understandable. As any doctor would advise, the BSMS Medic Review would do well to trim the excess in order to keep the whole creation in tip-top shape.

Overall the BSMS Medic Review is an energetic, clever and highly enjoyable show. Forget the four-hour wait in A&E and go and see this instead.

Reviews by Himmi Kari

Sallis Benney Theatre

BSMS Medic Revue

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We're back! The Medic Revue returns for its 12th year! Written, cast and crewed solely by students at BSMS, the show will take you through an exploration of medicine and the NHS in a way that will leave you laughing for hours! Containing comedy sketches, songs and videos accessible to all, we'll leave you wondering why we didn't pursue comedy instead...