Brydie Lee-Kennedy Repeats On You

Brydie Lee Kennedy is not short on life experience. Her narrative bobs and weaves apace backwards and forwards along the stretch of time. We are in LA, then transported to five years previously, which triggers a jump along the time space continuum even further into the past. As we march backwards and forwards temporally we slowly assemble an image of who Brydie is, where she has been, and how she approaches what the world has to throw at her. The effect is surprising and delightful. So adroitly constructed is the narrative that we don’t get lost in the shifts, but slowly follow multiple storylines simultaneous until they are satisfyingly completed.

This is sophisticated, well-crafted and touching story telling from a woman who’s lead a life less ordinary.

We meet the loves of Brydie’s life, we are taken on adventures abroad to LA and into the strange world of the lust for fame. We meet Brydie’s best friends, her worst friends, her stalkers, her lovers and her family. We see Brydie at her most inspired, we see Brydie at her lowest and most frustrated. Brydie, who confesses to a ‘limited concept of shame’ at the best of times does not hesitate in baring her moments of hubris, her mistakes or her darkest moments. The result is an engaging and personal account that leaves the audience feeling personally acquainted with the performer.

Lee-Kennedy’s calm, metered and honest delivery put us all at ease. The trust we build in Brydie allows her to frankly discuss porn, her personal attitudes to sex and relationships without any of the shock value that her alternative views might elicit with a different delivery. She masters light and shade and adds just enough detail to evoke in our mind’s eye the scenes in which her stories are set without becoming too flowery.

A pleasing concoction of thoughtful stand up, poetry, and storytelling. This is not a laugh per minute show, but the evocative and honest way a genuinely interesting life story is recounted made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

This is sophisticated, well-crafted and touching story telling from a woman who’s lead a life less ordinary. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

Brydie has made mistakes. The same mistakes. Lots of times. But eventually a girl has to get off that carousel, steady that Newton's Cradle and stop mixing metaphors. For as Oscar Wilde sort of said, ‘to sleep with one wildly inappropriate dude who plays acoustic guitar may be regarded as a misfortune. To sleep with six looks like carelessness’. ‘A gifted speaker with a sharp line in smart and silly wisecracks … a rare pleasure to find a performer as likeable as Lee-Kennedy’ **** (