Brighton School of Samba

Fancy experiencing a taste of the Rio Carnival in the streets of Brighton this month? The Brighton School of Samba can give you just that. Based on the traditional structure of the Rio Samba Schools, the Brighton School of Samba showcases traditional bateria and dance in the true Brazilian carnival style. With rhythmic rows of percussionists, the beating of drums and glamorous, glittering dancers girating in vibrant, blue costumes to match a summer's day sky, their display was a tropical burst of culture and musical talent.

The enthusiasm and energy among the performers was infectious and stopped passers by in the street to participate.

Initially the dancers started on New Road, but like the true parade of a carnival, they shimmied to other meeting points around the city, creating a rambunctious, rhythmical trail of keen followers. The enthusiasm and energy amongst the performers was infectious and induced passers-by to stop in the street to participate. Everyone in the crowd, from young to old, loosened their hips to wiggle and jiggle like tamborines, imitating the true samba stars. You could spot those with latino hips in the crowd as they moved in sync with the dancers, grabbing those around them to teach them their quick-footed moves. And, alongside the dancing, fresh cocktails served in watermelons were pouring out from a pop up drinks bar nearby adding to the tropical, festival feeling that the Brighton School of Samba was bringing to the city. It was impossible not to be entertained by the Samba School who were clearly enjoying the stunning spectacle themselves evidenced by their huge smiles.

Catch this tropical troupe again on New Road, May 19 at 14.30. They will play for about 15 minutes, and if you like what you see, you can follow them around the city to the next spot. They aren't difficult to find given that they are all wearing electric blue hats! Just grab onto one and you are sure to find the music.

If you're inspired beyond just watching them, they are keen for people to sign up and take part. They have dedicated sessions for absolute beginners in both bateria and dance. They also host regular workshops with professionals from Brazil and the UK samba scene to ensure that their performances are of the highest standard and truly authentic.

Reviews by Katharine Hay

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The Blurb

The Brighton School of Samba is the city's first and only traditional Samba School. BSS was formed in May 2007 as a non-profit organisation The School brings a taste of the vibrant Rio Carnival to the streets of Brighton and beyond.