Briefs Factory Presents: Sweatshop

You know you’re in for a good time when a variety show opens with one half of cabaret legends Frisky & Mannish belting out a pop medley, whilst self-proclaimed “sex clown” Betty Grumble and devilishly handsome striptease artiste Brett Rosengreen writhe across the stage as backing dancers.

If we could hook her up to the national grid, she’d blow out every bulb in the country

From the talented team behind the incredible burlesque circus Briefs and Hot Brown Honey is a new addition to the wide range of variety bills in Edinburgh, but one with a core cast that includes Miss Frisky as compere, the aforementioned backing dancers, and Circa’s Jarred Dewey - you’d be worried the guest acts could become an afterthought. However, when you have the sharp idea to put guest comedian Rhys Nicholson on a treadmill to deliver his (no longer) stand up set and you bring in Natano Fa’anana, founder member of Briefs and Casus Circus to perform, you end up with a show that flies higher that their spectacular trapeze routines.

Miss Frisky holds things together in the role of Sweatshop overseer, doling out shots from a bottle and changing her outfit for every onstage appearance. She’s an absolute powerhouse of cabaret energy; if we could hook her up to the national grid, she’d blow out every bulb in the country.

Sweatshop is a fine addition to the late night programme at Underbelly’s Circus Hub and the perfect sister show to Briefs. Get along, get to work and sweat it out with one of the best late night cabarets at the Fringe.

Reviews by Frodo Allan

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The Blurb

Briefs Factory present the world premiere of new late-night extravaganza, Sweatshop. Grab yourself a knock off drink and clock into the Sweatshop. Experience the production line of cabaret, circus and party tricks manufactured in difficult and dangerous working conditions before your eyes, featuring the Briefs Factory workers. This is a sweaty, uncompromising performance, brought to you by the team that brought you Briefs and Hot Brown Honey. Violate your senses. Dance it out.