Brexit the Musical

How many times in the past year can you say that you felt genuinely sorry for Michael Gove? Or that you felt goose-bumps (the good kind!) when you heard Theresa May speak? Or perhaps you just REALLY wanted to see Boris Johnson do a show number? (Who doesn’t?) Well, luckily, Brexit the Musical will give you all those opportunities and more. 

This is the political satire for everyone.

Naturally, Brexit is the flavour of political comedy this year – but if you like your roasting of every political party with a side of musical flair then this is a perfect match. The show focuses on Boris Johnson as our unlikely saviour – desperately trying to find a plan for Brexit, with his sidekick Gove and the strong and stable Theresa - what could go wrong?

Written by EU lawyer, Chris Byrant, Brexit the Musical takes us behind the scenes, asking what really happened amongst the cabinet after June 23rd 2016 and whether the current climate perhaps was the plan all along. We visit every monumental *profanity of choice*-up that has taken place since that day Britain chose to leave, beginning with the morning of the result, through to Cameron’s resignation and May and Andrea Leadsom’s (short-lived) race for number 10.

The effort and precision that the cast have gone to to mimic the movements and speech of each political figure is incredible, and gave the entire production a touch of real professionalism and elevated this from amateur to all-star. I’ll admit, I was actually a little scared by the uncanny resemblance of David Cameron. The vocals from Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom in particular were incredible, May’s ballad brought the house down – and had people cheering for more. 

Regardless of your political views or which way you voted, Brexit the Musical is the dose of hilarity you need injected into the gloomy political picture ahead. Not taking itself too seriously, and without taking sides, the show caters for everyone and doesn’t stir up any bad feelings. With both Corby and May receiving their fair share of bashings in this hilarious imagined (or is it?) Brexit scenario, this is the political satire for everyone.

Reviews by Sarah Virgo

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The Blurb

There’s a plan for Brexit. Just one hitch – no one knows where it is! It’s up to one man, Boris, to find it. After accidentally winning the referendum, this is his only way to gain redemption and save the nation from Brexit. Ably assisted by his sidekick Govey, our hero faces his most important mission yet. Will they save the day? Written by Brexit lawyer Chris Bryant, this musical extravaganza is set to take Edinburgh by storm this summer. A must-see!