Brendon Burns Hasn't Heard of You Either
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If we were to use one word to describe Brendon Burns career itd be interesting.

This is not your everyday comic. Older, wiser, calmer (and after being fitted with a hearing aid, infinitely quieter) Brendons energy is still enticing. His turn of phrase is coarse yet oddly eloquent, whilst remaining fully accessible and intensely loveable. Never pompous and ever self-deprecating he just somehow seems to get away with murder. Not so much an edgy truth-sayer but a traditionally harmless and inclusive warm-hearted court jester. His influence is ubiquitous throughout the stand up world. Often replicated but never matched, his shows arent just extended sets, Burns specialises in creating experiences: forever experimenting with the form and throwing himself new challenges.

Ask around and youll find every comic on the international scene has a funny Brendon Burns story. A, They were there the night he tale.

Sure hes critically acclaimed, a comics comic and something of a cult figure. But, above all, hes well interesting:

His peers are not other stand ups but more from the literary World. Burns is the William Burrows and Charles Bukowski of stand up.