Bookworms/Van Life (Radio Recording)
  • West End

2 Brand New Radio Comedies - For Free!

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BOOKWORMS by Lewis Cook

Great stories are all about great characters. Virtuous. Courageous. Heroic.

Mel and Vic are not those characters.

They're the people you don't notice in novels, the guys in the background. They're next door to Sherlock Holmes. They're fare-dodgers on the Orient Express. They're Christian Grey's cleaners. And now it's time to hear their stories!

Each episode, we join Mel and Vic inside the world of a different novel. Join us for the very first two episodes!

EPISODE 1: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

EPISODE 2: 1984

VAN LIFE by Rhys Williamson

Van Life - an American craze whose proponents live nomadically out of their camper-vans on the hunt for a more meaningful and adventurous life, documented through the sepia tones of Instagram and supported by surreptitious brand endorsements.

Failing artist Ellie persuades her previously-sensible boyfriend Chris to sell up and pursue the Van Life dream in the most exotic place they can afford: Cornwall.

Faced with the prospect of having to find branding opportunities to survive they battle the elements and the locals in the pursuit of their dream of a less run of the mill existence.