Bookworms/Three's Allowed (Radio Recording)
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BOOKWORMS by Lewis Cook
Great stories are all about great characters. Virtuous, courageous and heroic.

Mel and Sid are not those characters.

They're the people you don't see in novels, the guys in the background. They inhabit the worlds of Poirot, Frankenstein and Willy Wonka. They're next door to Sherlock Holmes. They're the commuters across from the Girl on The Train. They're Christian Grey's cleaners. And now it's time to hear their stories!

Each episode, we join Mel and Sid inside the world of a different novel. Join us for the very first two episodes!

EPISODE 1: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
EPISODE 2: 1984

THREE'S ALLOWED by Rhys Williamson
Ray and Georgie Spatchcock have it all - a beautiful 2 storey house with working pizza oven, a beautiful couple of jobs (a tour bus operator and watchmaker) and a beautiful pet cat named Oblong.

But when their eccentric old school friend Magic Mike (no relation) comes for an extended visit, will their lives ever be the same again!? Yeah, probably. Because as the old saying goes: Two's Company, and Three's Allowed!

Please Note: The characters are not actually turtles.