Bookworms (Radio Recording)
  • West End

Witness the pilot recording of a brand new radio comedy! For FREE!

Great stories are all about great characters. Virtuous, courageous and heroic.

Mel and Sid are not those characters.

Mel and Sid are the people we never read about in novels. Selfish, cowardly and stupid - they are the characters who inhabit the world the likes of Poirot, Jane Austen and Willy Wonka. They're Sherlock Holmes' next door neighbours. They're sailors aboard the Hispaniola. They're Christian Grey's cleaners. And now it's time to hear their stories!

Each episode, we join Mel and Sid inside the world of a different novel. Join us for the recording for the first two episodes!

EPISODE 1: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
EPISODE 2: 1984

Lewis Cook is an award winning* comic, writer and playwright. He has written for Dead Ringers and Newsjack, as well as his sketch comedy act - Cook and Davies. He is a finalist of the Leicester Square Theatre Sketch-Off, So You Think You Write Funny and the Welsh Unsigned Stand-Up Award.

(* The Moors Theatre Awards - "Best Comedy")


This event is being produced with the National Film and Television School.