Book of Love

Book of Love is without a doubt a special show: Lindsay Benner is sexy, silly and completely charming. Her show is a fast-paced mixture of cabaret, comedy, juggling and tricks that is quirky, flirty and wonderfully weird.

A show that totally captures the spirit of the Fringe: bizarre and unexpected, flirty and fun.

Benner is an incredibly winning performer. The moment the lights come up, she flashes us a cheeky smile and a wink, and what follows is warm, surprising and very funny. She starts with a bit of a warm up: this is a show that will only work with the cooperation of the audience, and, with a twinkle in her eye, she encourages us to play a couple of games with her. A warning: if you’re terrified of audience participation, beware, although you are quite safe in Benner’s hands. And, once everyone has quickly fallen in love with her, she is to fall in love too, taking us, for the rest of the show, chapter by chapter, along for the ride.

It’s far from your average juggling show. Of course, the tricks are stunning, and Benner tosses knives, chinaware and even a pair of knickers around the stage with complete ease. But even if you’re not a die-hard juggling fan, the show is great fun; it is Benner herself who shines, by turns sexy, wacky and adorable. If you go for the tricks, or go for the bells and whistles (and the bells are particularly memorable), the show doesn’t disappoint.

Book of Love needs, and deserves, a full house. It is a show that totally captures the spirit of the Fringe: bizarre and unexpected, flirty and fun. Go, and fall in love.

Reviews by Alice Moore

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The Blurb

Lindsay Benner is what you would get if Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin had a love child who likes to juggle. After successfully touring Book of Love across the United States, Lindsay is excited to bring her show to Edinburgh Fringe audiences for the first time. Los Angeles critics have said that Lindsay not only makes juggling incredibly endearing, but beautiful. If you get to see Lindsay perform live, you are in for a treat!