Bob and Jim – Two Stars

If you are bored of current TV comedians or just want a bit of old school classic comedy then here is a show for you. Bob and Jim are a hilarious duo that I just wish more people could have seen! They stood on an empty stage with just a ukulele and a bundle of funny witty stories. They told us about how they wished their show could have been, sequins and all, but settled on telling us their life story. This included some clichéd, but perfectly rehearsed, songs and even some audience participation. Each was more outlandish then the last, utilising comically skilled acting so the audience were able to visualise it perfectly.

The chemistry between the two men was clear and comfortable. What let the performance down was not what was going on up on stage, but the lack of people in the auditorium. With such limited audience numbers, the dynamics of their show was really handicapped. Given a full house, this duo has the potential to bring a different level of comedy.

The Blurb

Bob and Jim tell the story of their showbiz lives interspersed with a few flange-distorted uke pop covers and the odd bit of mime. “Very funny” (Time Out), “Top-notch buffoonery” (The List), “Truly inspired” (British Comedy Guide), “I laughed like a loon” (Fringe Guru). “Endearing old pros” (Chortle)