Blueswater Presents: Cat Loud

Light your cigarette, put on your evening clothes and grab a cocktail to enjoy Cat Loud, a sexy cabaret performance that will thrill.

An entertaining evening that absorbs you into the glamour of the cabaret world

The hour is filled with blues-folk-jazz fusion songs which are divided by vivid spoken word depicting a heady journey of Cat, our glamorous performer, as she discovers a white rabbit who leads her down an alley in London to a secret speakeasy. In this hazy location she acquaints herself with mysterious strangers who are prepared to fall in and out of love with her and strike deals for her soul in return for a guitar.

Cat seamlessly glides from her stunning vocals to husky spoken word. These vocals are exquisite with great strength but the ability to soften the tone, including two songs being performed unaccompanied. The expression during the songs is powerful as each line is laden with feeling, and often longing. However, while clearly Cat is talented, the songs all blur into one without particularly varying in style, which drags a little as the show goes on.

We aren’t just treated to musical talent as Cat’s striking wit breaks through commenting on relatable experiences such as what it is truly like to ride the Megabus, and our political and social climate. The need for comedy is forced at times as she pushes to make the audience laugh but generally Cat easily brings a smile to your face.

The cabaret style is created effortlessly with piano, microphone and lights and the spoken word depictions of the speakeasy are lyrical and fill in the gaps between the instruments and tech. However, while the audience participation is fun, as with the comedy, it feels just as forced as the audience members are dragged on to stand during one of the songs covering a costume change – a disruption that seems unnecessary as the reason for the change is never really being shared.

This performance will give you a entertaining evening that absorbs you into the glamour of the cabaret world.

Reviews by Caitlin Powell

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The Blurb

A chance encounter with a white rabbit after dark entices island lass Cat into a secret speakeasy, the playground of subversive mythical figures, and life takes a turn for the wicked. Straddling the genres of blues, folk and jazz, Cat puts her soulful and humorous stamp on an unlikely collection of songs. 'A fabulous rich experience' ***** (North East Theatre Guide). ***** ( ‘A natural entertainer’ (List).