Blues and Burlesque

This clever infusion of comedy and burlesque from Dexys’ former piano man Pete Saunders proved to be a treat. Initially only opening with Saunders, this left the audience confused as to when the burlesque half of the Blues and Burlesque would be coming. They were soon reassured when the main man teasingly asked if one of the dancers should be brought on to the stage and, once in the limelight, the sassy burlesque dancers gave it as good as they’ve got, in playful contrast to Saunders’ own unrelentingly dour demeanour.

Main mistress Lady Beau-Peep was the undeniable star of the show

Main mistress Lady Beau-Peep was the undeniable star of the show. In spite of Saunders’ impressive lyrics and faultless piano playing, the Lady’s provocative interactions with the audience were what truly made for an all-inclusive atmosphere. Her preying on bashful audience members never caused offence, mainly due to her ability to make herself look more ridiculous than each of her victims, diverting them from their own embarrassment.

However, there were times when the show seemed over rehearsed and occasional, unintended asides to one another prevented it from being as slick as it could have been. In addition, the abruptness with which the performance ended shattered the performers’ spell.

With Saunders quipping early on that he wanted to make it a show explaining his miserable existence, his decision to include humorously depressing songs alongside uplifting burlesque resulted in the much enjoyment throughout. If you’re looking for a great combination of music and laughs, this fifty-minute show of feistiness and fun is a sure-fire way to get it.

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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The Blurb

"Highlight of this year's fringe, an extraordinary fusion of blues comedy and burlesque" **** (Heckler Adelaide Aus). Live, original music cabaret show created by former Dexys' piano man Pete Saunders and his extraordinary team. Coming to Brighton after sell-out shows in Edinburgh, Perth and Adelaide.