Blues and Burlesque: Happy Hour

Blues and Burlesque: Happy Hour is an enjoyable, if not particularly spectacular, way to spend an hour. The show opens with Pete Saunders on keyboard, singing a variety of cabaret songs. Saunders has a delightfully gravelly voice, and this opening went down well with the audience. This is followed by some musical numbers from hostess Vicious Delicious and 2013 Burlesque Games winner Scarlett Belle. These were enjoyable, although the dancing was perhaps slightly under-rehearsed.

This show could easily be much more exciting

Things went downhill with the arrival of guest magician Paul Dabek. Theoretically, Dabek’s performance should have been fine. His tricks were nothing special, but his stage patter was amusing and engaging. However, despite the fact that there were clearly many laughs coming from the audience, Dabek inexplicably took it upon himself to incessantly berate the audience for not laughing. This got really very tiresome, and I was glad to see the end of his set.

The burlesque itself, from Serena Del Fuego, was impressive and exciting and she held the audience’s attention extremely well, engaging particularly with those on the front row. However, this made up a very small proportion of the show.

In all, there is nothing particularly wrong with Blues and Burlesque. The performances are perfectly acceptable and never feel like they are trying too hard. However, this show could easily be much more exciting, and lacks the flair needed to make is something really special.

Reviews by Charlotte Ivers

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The Blurb

‘One of the finest hours of entertainment you will see at the Fringe’ ***** ( Award-winning Blues and Burlesque present a happy hour of music and variety with special guests from across the Fringe. Dexy's Pete Saunders on piano, Compere Extraordinaire, Vicious Delicious and 2013 Burlesque Games winner Scarlett Belle bring song, dance and comedy to the fabulous Caley Bar, in the five star historical setting of the Caledonian Hotel. Expect fun games and guests. ‘We loved it. She had us in the palm of her hand from the beginning’ ***** (Erotic Review).