Blood from Stone

This production is set in a museum. A tour guide shows the last visitors out of the museum but doesn’t notice that one woman visitor, Faith, has remained behind, hiding. She goes off deeper into the museum.

Behind her, the statues come to life as they do every night. One of them Archer, talks to his friend Daedalus, the father of Icarus, who is constantly mending his son’s broken wings. Archer has been having strange dreams and doesn’t understand what they mean. His only experiences have been at night in the museum and there are no windows in his gallery. He doesn’t understand the feelings he’s been having.

Meanwhile, the tour guide meets Faith in the dark halls and takes her to see ‘Man and his Lover’, a statue that she claims to have come to sketch. Archer is also heading towards the statue as he tries to find some meaning to his strange life and dreams.

This is a very unusual, thought-provoking and interesting story but there are problems with the singing, which is not particularly good apart from Bradley Minchin as Daedalus, who has an excellent voice. Other than that, it is well worth seeing.

Reviews by Alan Chorley

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The Blurb

From one of our most talented young playwrights comes a new blend of breathtaking music and motion in a play questioning the value of your heart's desire. Eight distinct characters have one night to find the answer.