Blind Mirth

Blind Mirth are the University of St Andrews’ improv comedy group and they are back once again at this year’s Fringe. I am quite a fan of the team and certainly still appreciate the quick and sharp responses the actors are able to give on audience suggestions. However, on the night of this review their lack of originality brought the show down.

Blind Mirth has to be appreciated for their sharp and intellectual responses to suggestions

The hour started with a few short games. My favourite was based on a combination of charades and a murder mystery. This required considerable imagination and abstract thinking in the way in which they recreated the suggestions from audience members. The rest of the show was a 25 minute play based on a flyer which a punter had brought with them. This was funny but the St Andrews students decided to miss some of the blurb and completely warped their interpretation. Later jokes fell flat and Mirthers had to ask for new suggestions far too often. This was disappointing.

I have reviewed this show before and realise I have given them a five star review. Previously the chemistry between members was phenomenal and random ideas after random ideas bounced off each other beautifully, creating a really fun, lively performance. Sadly, I found this group were recycling old material with a few slight twists; they did not match that group. I realise the concept of improv can only be interpreted in so many ways and audience suggestions are paramount (last night’s performance had a fairly reserved audience which didn’t help).

Blind Mirth has to be appreciated for their sharp and intellectual responses to suggestions on the spot. But sadly, with the rise of improv across the Fringe, they need to up their game to stay afloat. 

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The Blurb

Blind Mirth are St Andrews’ first, best and only improv comedy troupe. Performing the finest and most luxurious improv comedy at the Fringe. This isn't any old improv, this is Blind Mirth improv. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. ‘This is improvisation at its best’ ( ‘Brilliantly random... Blind Mirth had the room lit-up and roaring’ ( ‘Hilarious from start to finish’ ( Derek Award Winner: Best Improv Show Fringe 2016.