Black Beauty in Irons
  • London Fringe

Being human is so boring. But what happens when you want to be a different species altogether? Black Beauty in Irons is a kinky romantic drama about living with near-impossible desires.

Aidan loves animal role-play: pretending to be a pony is her biggest thrill. But Aidan seek more than the acceptance of other role-players. She wants to come out publicly " whatever the consequences.

This provocative new production from Second Self shows animal role-play as it really is, featuring gags, bondage, cart racing and kink play. The first UK show to put the animal role-play identity centre-stage, Black Beauty in Irons addresses issues with pride, consent and coming out faced by anyone living an alternative lifestyle.

There are people everywhere who cant speak openly about their identities: we think thats unfair, and its time for change.