Bitchelors (Work in Progress)

Anna Morris’s new show might be a work in progress but it’s already pretty brilliant. Morris plays five characters throughout the hour long show, each one expertly crafted. Time and effort has really gone into making each character unique with their own story told through hilarious monologues. From snobby hosts to bossy businesswomen through to hysterical bakers, Morris played each persona perfectly. Her transitions were faultless, instantly transforming into the next bold personality to grace the humble stage. Her most successful protagonists were the first two contestants although all performances are executed well. The show was fast-paced but it was easy to keep up with her and the atmosphere remained energised through to the finale.

​Anna Morris’s new show might be a work in progress but it’s already pretty brilliant.

Audience interaction played a large part throughout the show but this is done tastefully in an unimposing way. Morris approached the audience with confidence and command but isn’t intimidating; her dedication to the storyline and each character she plays rubbed off on the audience who willingly got involved in each scenario she threw our way. In exchange for our eager participation, she provided us with a riotous routine; it’s not an exaggeration to say there was a laugh a minute.

Some jokes were risky but still tasteful, appealing to a wide range of personalities. Topical issues formed the setting for some scenarios and puns and she made great use of the latest popular trends, meaning the content was fresh. Some parts were slightly bizarre but it all tied together nicely.

The improvisation was flawless with her quick thinking creating some of the biggest laughs in the show. Letting us decide the ending was an innovative and bold move that paid off; she did not falter under the uncertainty of the conclusion and continued performing with exceptional presence. Although technically we were in control, she had us eating out of the palm of her hand the whole time.

It’s not polished to perfection but it didn’t claim to be. There is no doubt that when it is finished it will be an explosive success. It’s an excellent display of comedy, wit and acting talent with a fresh take on feminism.

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The Blurb

Acclaimed character comedian Anna Morris (BBC1’s 'Outnumbered' and Georgina’s Wedding Blogs) returns to Brighton Fringe, after the success of last year's sell-out show, 'Dolly Mixture'. “A great debut hour… beautifully crafted” (The Independent). It’s The Bitchelor Awards 2014, where YOU, the audience, vote for the winner, and decide how the show ends. 4 women compete to win your vote as woman of the year. **** (The Skinny) **** (Broadway Baby) **** (Spoonfed) **** (Edfringereview)