Bin and Gone
  • West End

The son of a Saturday night favourite, a father who performed with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Andy Williams; the son who ended up with nothing, penniless and in care. Told by his son, Ted Rogers' story is a tale as confounding and intriguing as any 3-2-1 clue.

In a unique collaboration between Ted's son, Danny Rogers, and writer Tom Glover, Bin & Gone is a one man show which tells the story of Ted Rogers, the story of his son, and the story of the seventies and eighties themselves.

Danny explores both his father's life and the legacy of living in the shadow of a famous father, who he only knew as a child. As a variety performer himself, Danny sings, dances and acts his way through the tale, weaving the story of his father's rise to fame and fortune from the post-war variety of the fifties, through the heady boom of the eighties, to the devastating crash of the nineties.

"The highs are exhilarating, the lows are harrowing, but the tension's always broken by a corny joke at exactly the right time." - Fringe Guru