Bin and Gone

People of a certain age will remember Ted Rogers hosting the quiz show 3-2-1 on Saturday nights. It ran for ten years, between 1978 to 1988, with an audience of 14 million viewers. It had cryptic clues that were almost impossible to solve. You could have won a car, but if you lost you got the infamous Dusty Bin. Basically, Dusty Bin was a Bin with a face that moved across the studio via remote control and he became a TV star. But times were simpler then and the world was a more innocent place.

Danny Rogers has so much feeling and passion in his performance that it’s clear he misses his late father.

How did Ted Rogers get to become a household name, how did he end up working with a bin and how did things go so wrong? Bin and Gone is a one man show written by Tom Glovers and performed by Danny Rogers, son of the late Ted. With a basic set and minimal props, Danny takes you on a roller coaster ride of his late father's struggles in both show business and family life. Most of us just remember Ted Rodgers as a game show host, but before that he worked as a comedian, impersonator and singer with some of the top performers of the day, both here in the UK and America, including Bing Crosby.

Danny Rogers uses impersonations throughout this show. He impersonates the different people in his father's life. These aren’t the best impressions, but that’s not important as it doesn’t stop the emotion of the piece coming through. The life of Ted Rogers unfolds in front of you and you discover he was so much more than 'Mr Saturday Night'. Along with the comedy came the tragedy and we learn how that affected Danny Rogers' life as a little boy. When Dusty Bin makes an appearance on stage the audience was intially thrilled, but we soon then learned of the love/hate relationship Ted Rogers had with his metal co star.

The show is an hour long and, in that time, Danny Rogers has so much feeling and passion in his performance that it’s clear he misses his late father. This tribute he has written does him proud. I recommend going to see Bin and Gone if you were a child of the 70s and 80s. I would also recommend taking a hanky. You’ll need it as you’ll be laughing one minute and crying the next. Ted Rogers may have 'bin and gone' but he's certainly not been forgotten.

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The Blurb

The son of a Saturday night favourite; a father who performed with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope; the son who ended up with nothing, penniless and in care. Famed for quiz show 3-2-1, Ted Rogers was an 80's TV star, with celebrity friends from Thatcher to The Krankies. ‘Bin & Gone’ is the untold story of Ted - the man who played to millions, yet ended his days penniless and out of work. With personal memories and disarming honesty Ted’s son, Danny, along with Dusty Bin, tells this tale of riches to rags in an intimate show exploring what it means to live in the shadow of a famous father.