Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

With seats at the back reserved for the adults, the children are encouraged to sit on the floor right up against the stage for this lovely show that aims to educate and entertain in equal measure.

Wolff has created the perfect introduction to circus for very young audiences.

Luth Wolff has been touring pre-schools and kindergartens for several years and has perfected the art of enrapturing children. She’s a bouncing ball of energy and enthusiasm that carries along even the shyest child in the audience. Opening with some hat juggling that quickly descends into excellent slapstick, Wolff makes it clear that this will be a very silly and completely engaging show from the outset.

Constantly explaining what’s going on during the show and giving the children the chance to shout out and join in, Wolff has created the perfect introduction to circus for very young audiences. Her demeanour is playful yet confident and she knows exactly how to pitch the performances be they silly or even a little bit dangerous.

There’s also plenty of opportunity to get the little ones involved in the action and, even though the Adelaide 500 roars along just outside the tent, Wolff’s escapades ensure that the audience cheers are louder.

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The Blurb

Calling all Tiny Tots and future superstars! Luth's on an action-packed solo circus adventure... but she needs your help!She's looking for energetic, giggle-ready 2-6 year olds to help her solve a whole host of fun physical puzzles in this smile-inducing, interactive show.Walking the tightrope between circus and magic, 'Big Tops & Tiny Tots' is a non-stop whirlwind of plate spinning, hula hooping and unicycling fun!But the real magic comes from the audience - that's you! After 45 minutes of endless giggling, you'll be somersaulting out the door with excitement, ready to set off on your own circus adventure.