Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Best Bites

Big Bite is celebrating it’s 10-year Fringe anniversary with a ‘best of’ showcase: although an enjoyable selection of short pieces - effectively boiling down to long sketches - they tend towards middling rather than the ‘best of’ that was probably intended.

people hearing each other's internal monologue is a joke old enough to get a medal from the Queen

In isolation each play is fine, but nothing you wouldn’t see at your local scratch night. There is no drama: just funny concepts extrapolated over each running length. The writers and actors aren’t comedians and don’t really understand how to mine a concept for it’s rich comedic gold. So, there are jokes, but there’s not a lot of good ones, and there are a whole bunch of lame ducks.

In several of the plays, the writer seems to suddenly realise that he or she is not meant to be writing a sketch, and throws in some profound sentiment, but these are clunky. The sentimental sections are not nearly as clever as they sound and are incredibly unnatural.

It’s also too long. The performance I saw overran by fifteen minutes: a severe fringe annoyance. The Private Investigator piece closing off the show could have been cut in its entirety: the genre’s been done time and time again, and much better. Also, people hearing each other's internal monologue is a joke old enough to get a medal from the Queen.

The acting is consistently competent; they seem to be enjoying themselves and there is some nice touches to the character they portray. It’s not a bad show, just not a very special one. If you want to see what’s happening at the semi-professional theater scene, it’s worth having a look. If you want to start your day with something light and easy going with a few laughs, you might really enjoy this.

Reviews by James W. Woe

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