Between explores a variety of dark and dramatic stories varying from teenagers discovering their sexualities for the first time to a complicated relationship between teacher and pupil. Each well-defined story challenges the other on what love really means. Whether it’s love or lust, gay or straight no one can agree because no one can really decide. But the most significant theme of this show was how words always get in the way.

The production is extremely complex and has hidden message layered on top of hidden message. Between was cleverly written by Oskar Brown – who also stars, enhancing the emotion of the performance. Having only two actors multi-playing characters creates a very intimate setting for the show, particularly as Nicholas Campbell and Brown never leave the stage but switch between roles in front of your eyes.

Between was a very effective production with a full and appreciative audience. The two actors were incredible, especially Campbell who provided an intriguing combination of confident performance and the handling of an extremely vulnerable character. Despite the, at times, uncomfortable subject matter we were put at our ease by the truthful manner in which both actors treated the show. It’s definitely not one for the faint hearted with strong nudity and sexual content, however it’s ambitious and I was thoroughly impressed with the results. I would definitely recommend going to see this production.

The Blurb

Lost somewhere between love and lust; a man, a boy, a couple, a teacher and his student. Three separate, yet suggestively interlinked, stories explore how love can transcend sexual boundaries. “Between is very engaging, fast paced and SEXY... theatre that explores aspects of male sexuality rarely seen so honestly.”