Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary

Bethany Black is a forthright, funny, and unapologetic comedian, cheerfully rousing the audience as she lets fire her jokes. She’s quick to point out that she fulfils every lesbian stereotype but turns this into good-natured fodder for laughs – and she’s experienced enough to make jokes on the way that her jokes are getting received. A responsive audience, and not an easily offended one, is appreciated. Being in the small Stand venue with her has the feeling of being at the pub with your mates, listening to the banter, complete with digressions, anecdotes and observations.

She may not have achieved her goal of “galactic ruler” yet but there’s still time.

She’s here to talk about her life and the humour she’s found around her. While some of this is bleak - as she acknowledges, saying we’ll quickly move onto the funny stuff - it’s also cleverly funny. On the differences between being dumped and being bereaved, on Jesus Christ’s status as a comedian, on the ignominious fate of bleeding to death in your own shower, Bethany displays her sure sense of humour. We learn about how Bethany achieved the lifestyle of a rock musician but without the music part, about how she tried to pull her life together and how life gave her a truly horrible year before allowing Bethany to finally get where she is today, standing up for our entertainment at this year’s Fringe. Leave your preconceptions at the door and enjoy the fun.

She may not have achieved her goal of “galactic ruler” yet but there’s still time. If brash, biting comedy is your thing then Bethany’s worth a listen. 

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The Blurb

Bethany Black is an idiot. She had two years where her life exploded; she got dumped by her fiancée and then things really went downhill; death, illness and a fractured leg followed. Broken and on the verge of giving up, something extraordinary happened. She got cast in a starring role in Russell T Davies' TV series Cucumber Banana Tofu, becoming the first trans person to star as a transgender character in the UK, and first on US broadcast television. Suddenly she’s making history, entirely by accident. But what happens when this happens and you’re an idiot?