Best of Scottish Comedian of the Year

As the name would suggest, this is great Scottish comedy at its best. If you are only at the Fringe for a couple of days, this is one of those must-see shows which will guarantee you are laughing from start to finish (and perhaps all the way home). If that’s not good enough, how about watching an audience member wedgie another audience member? That’s what this night may lead to.

The show begins with the lesser known Gareth Waugh and Allan Lindsay – two rising stars on the Scottish comedic frontier. Waugh’s humour is derived from his ‘telescope’ jokes, whilst Lindsay’s consistent efforts culminate in a hilarious discussion about the ‘designer vagina’. Chris Davis, a down-to-earth character who embodies everything it means to be a true Scottish comedian, will then regale you of his misfortunes in German saunas, before Scott Agnew takes to the stage in a flamboyant and lively fashion. Agnew ensures a strong ending to the night through a mixture of broad Scottish humour and a snarky take upon the question of independence. All of the acts adapt incredibly well to a smaller crowd, whilst making use of the audience and involving them much as possible. In fact, yours truly was given a wedgie by stage presenter Ray Bradshaw, and I still ended up buying him a drink.

This is one highly recommended performance for all and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. For a memorable night of nonstop laughs, The Best of Scottish Comedy is the ideal show for anyone Scottish or non-Scottish who wishes to enjoy some of the best comedic acts.

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The Blurb

Biggest selling showcase of award-winning Scottish Comedians. Seven years of sell out shows featuring winners and finalists. 'Hilarious' ( 'Major talent' (Skinny). 'Shows off the diversity of the Scottish comedy * * * *' (Scotsman).