Besides the Obvious

This new play taking place in C Eca revolves around three main questions, what happened in the past?, what happens now? and what happens in the future?. While the acting is superb (especially from David Edment) there are serious faults in the script.

The majority of the play is spent going in circles with the same questions being asked and the answers only slightly changing. Blaring sound effects are pumped in to build a sense of madness which begins to give away the shocking secret long before the actors reach that point in the script.

If the writer has a point to make then it's lost on the audience by the plays repetitive nature. Add to this blocking which forces Edment’s character to disappear constantly from the stage, breaking the connection both with his fellow actor and the audience.

The performances both actors give are indeed excellent but it’s let down by the clunking script and the ear splitting sound effects. It is only by the end of the play with hard work by both performers that the dramatic revelation works and I applaud them for it but it doesn't make up for what came before.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

New Scottish play exploring the fragility of family ties between brothers, and the fog which binds memory and imagination together. As discoveries and revelations emerge, the illusion of reality becomes increasingly diluted until the shocking conclusion.