Ben Hart - The Vanishing Boy

Ben Hart is the kind of magician that makes sceptics become believers. After huge success with his show at the Fringe last year, The Vanishing Boy sees him return to astonish us yet again with his unbelievable talent.

I was so disappointed when the hour was over and he left the stage

Hart does things which literally seem impossible. He starts with small, yet mind boggling tricks using day to day objects like rope, ping pong balls and wine glasses. Then he starts to mingle these with bigger feats that I will never get my mind around. He made a pack of cards shrink smaller and smaller before my eyes. He made a handkerchief that another member of the audience had signed morph into a fruit stone, before proceeding to cut the same signed handkerchief out of the centre of an unmarked peach. He makes playing cards chosen by the audience jump from a pack without touching it. It sounds impossible – ludicrous even – but he did it, and everyone should see it.

Using engaging storytelling and witty jokes to lead the audience from trick to trick, Hart tells his tale of the mysterious Vanishing Boy and historical magician Germain the Wizard. This ensures that the show is well structured and slick. Hart himself is charismatic, charming and strikingly good looking, with a mischievous glint and a very warm presence.

Hart used random members of the audience to verify his tricks, myself included. Everything about Hart and his show makes me want to believe that he controls real life magic. At points we were stunned to complete silence, but the show ended with tremendous applause. I was so disappointed when the hour was over and he left the stage. I will remain puzzled and in awe of him and cannot wait to see what else he’s, ahem, got up his sleeve.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

Ben Hart (Killer Magic BBC Three, TO&ST cabaret award nominee 2013) is a unique magician - a teller of tall tales, an inventor of magic and a sleight of hand artist. His new show The Vanishing Boy is dark, beautiful, baffling and wickedly funny. Prepare for eye-boggling dexterity, unbelievable mysteries, audacious lies and brutal honesty. You have never seen a magic show quite like this... ‘Extraordinary’ (Time Out). ‘Mind boggling’ ***** ( ‘A beautiful show’ (Scotsman). ‘Altogether a new species of conjurer’ ( Written by Ben Hart and Al Joshua.