Ben Hart - The Outsider

The world of Illusions and magic has provided many an audience with hours of puzzlement as they try to figure out exactly how the performer achieved the tricks they just saw before them. There is something much more unique when seeing an illusionist at work in close-up and that’s exactly what Ben Hart is offering this Fringe.

Ben Hart is a performer with a genuine warmth that exudes itself across the audience as the pre-taped film plays, a video which strangely was made in october 2014 – could we really have travelled in time by coming through the door? This is just the start of the questions as Ben tells us his tale of how he first encountered the world of magic in a childhood where he often felt alone and outside the circle that many of his school friends enjoyed. It was by using magic that he found acceptance.

From small tricks of changing thimbles into a flurry of streamers or cutting himself open to produce a ladybird, his display of sleight of hand is amazing, delicate and clever. However that pales into insignificance as he performers several big illusions including making a ten pound note signed by an audience member appear inside a sealed light bulb without having touch it.

These illusions combine to make a hour of performance that is mind boggling – not just because of the actual tricks but also because there is such a human storyline woven through the show. Ben, at the age of 23, has learnt much about the world around him and his place in it. His ability to understand that magic doesn't just have power to astound but to create a means of connection – to ensure he is no longer an outsider in a world that he views differently from the rest of us.

The storyline is well thought out and the direction of the show is taut. The production team have really captured the best of Ben’s personality alongside his wonderful talent for holding an audience's rapt attention.

Ben’s show is called ‘The Outsider’ yet this display from a warm, charming, gorgeous and above all talented man ensures he will always be able to come on in and be part of the circle.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Having spent his life using magic to solve impossible problems, award-winning magician Ben Hart turns his attention to himself, exploring magical, amazing and unusual memories and neurosis. Directed by Anthony Owen (Derren Brown/The Real Hustle).