Ben Hart: The Nutshell

Ben Hart is concerned with the Butterfly Effect; the part of chaos theory that suggests a small event (such as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly) can have huge consequences elsewhere. An intriguing theory for a magician to espouse as, surely magic is all about control and careful manipulation? However, although this hour of entertainment is packed full of seemingly unforeseen events, there’s no doubt that we’re all in the control of a master manipulator.

Hart is indeed a master of his art and that’s the best way to describe him, in a nutshell

Hart is charming and confident on stage with a hint of mischief in his smile. He opens the show and immediately hands a sealed envelope to an audience member in the front row. Not an unusual occurrence for a stage magician but, with everything else that happens during the show, it’s quickly forgotten. He then proceeds to explain the butterfly effect, questioning the odds of each of us being in the same room, the chances that our parents would meet, examining that incredible chain of events from the beginning of time that have led to this moment as he stands in front of us. The use of a camera operator and projection onto a large screen lets us marvel at the subtlety of Hart’s abilities as he performs his seemingly impossible tricks. He tells us tales of family and introduces us to the work of Frances Glessner Lee and her incredible studies in forensics that I won’t spoil here.

At the finale of the show, the long-forgotten envelope reappears and it is a fantastic trick on which to finish but Hart, ever the showman, has one more reveal that is jaw-droppingly amazing, beautiful and perfectly set up throughout the show. Hart is indeed a master of his art and that’s simply the best way to describe him, in a nutshell.

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The Blurb

West End star and multi award-winning magician Ben Hart returns to Edinburgh with a brand-new show that shines a light on magic, life, the universe and the darkest corners of your imaginations. Total Fringe sell-out show 2014 and 2017. Best Magic Show, Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards. 'Devilishly clever' **** (Scotsman). 'Mind-blowing... supreme master of the vanishing act. He really is a must see. Don't miss him' ***** (Advertiser). 'Makes sceptics become believers' ***** ( 'I was left gobsmacked after every trick. Ben Hart will have you believing in magic' ***** ( 'Utterly enchanting' **** (Daily Mail).