Bec Hill in... Ellipsis

Bec Hill is packing positivity to the hilt. We are hit with the full force for Bec’s enthusiasm for life before we’ve even reached our seats; Bec embraces us into her world of joyful energy as she dances on the seats as the audience settles in.

Bec is a purveyor of puns, pushing the punvelope to punful levels.

Hill has never won an award. And she’s told a very special someone that she has. Bec desperately explores the attributes of ‘successful’ comedians in an attempt to become ‘award-winning’. Award winning comedians are angry, right? Bec gives it her best shot but anger doesn’t really fit with her boisterous personality. How about some heartfelt content? Bec tries hard to stay serious for more than thirty seconds, but is thwarted by her own ebullience. How about some risky sweary content? It just sort of comes off as adorable when Bec gives it her all.

Looks like Bec will just have to be her happy self; discussing the things that matter to her, and what she thinks is funny. Perhaps there is more to life than having an award.

Bec is a purveyor of puns, pushing the punvelope to punful levels. There’s a lot of playful physical theatre in this performance; hinting at a clownesque playfulness but not dominating the show. Besides all these skills and attributes Bec is also a craft comedian; punctuating her performance with ingeniously fashioned moving paper pictures and drawings. Bec is a sort of paper puppeteer. This performance is packed to the rafters with comedy in all shapes, colours and varieties.

Whatever weapon Bec chooses as her comedic medium, hope, cheekiness and joy are irrepressibly present. While the show maybe a tiny little bit too saccharine for about thirty seconds, it otherwise leaves you with a spring in your step and a refreshed outlook on life. A refreshing reprieve in a festival where cynicism abounds.

Original, joyous, energetic and uplifting comedy. A delightful edition to your schedule this Festival!

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

In October 2013, Bec Hill announced that she was going to write an award-winning comedy show. This is a show for anyone who's ever made a promise they might not be able to keep... ‘A powerfully positive attitude that will cheer even the most jaded’ **** ( ‘An innovative talent’ **** (Time Out). ‘Side-splittingly funny’ ***** (ThreeWeeks).