BEASTS Present Mr Edinburgh 2016

Sketch troupe BEASTS are not here to perform sketches. No, they have a grander aim this year — a higher purpose, if you will. For they are the hosts of the inaugural Mr Edinburgh competition, which aims to find the manliest man/woman/child and crown them champion of champions. After performing a couple mini sketches to remind the audience of what a sketch group is, the three BEASTS themselves (Owen Roberts, James McNicholas and Ciarán Dowd) step back to introduce the three contestants — who look a little bit identical to themselves.

Mr Edinburgh 2016 is a crude, rude, and ridiculous hour of comedy.

After stripping out of their initial formal wear, the BEASTS are lycra-clad and ready to compete. After some hyper-masculine stretching and prancing, it’s time for the potential Misters Edinburgh to fight for the right to pursue their own pet project at the end of the show: Owen wants to record his charity single live; James wants to perform a duet from Grease that he never got to finish with his dog; and Ciarán wants to marry an audience member. In order to win the contest, our three heroes are tasked with winning gold in a variety of non-Olympic events. They must prove their intelligence in a Mastermind-esque quiz, perform their best talent, persuade audience members to give them money, and win a three-way, no-rules cage fight.

Well, that’s how the competition would run in theory. Of course, this being a comedy show, chaos ensues as the three of them compete, fight, and cheat their way through the competition. It’s wholeheartedly silly, it’s outrageously improbable, and it’s uproarious fun. The energy of these three guys is nothing short of incredible. The show succeeds through their charisma and chemistry, and the fine comic balance between their three comic personas. A couple weaker segments are carried by their enthusiasm and flair for improvised comedy.

Mr Edinburgh 2016 is a crude, rude, and ridiculous hour of comedy. In fact, it’s downright messy: buttocks, tomatoes, weddings, swans — it seems that anything goes in this competition. In the end, of course, whoever takes first prize really doesn’t matter: when it comes to this anarchic treat of a show, the audience is the real victor.

Reviews by Jamie P Robson

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The Blurb

Sack off the Olympics and cancel the f*cking Perrier. Join sketch behemoths BEASTS for the only competition that matters this summer. Brace yourselves for an epic battle of intelligence, talent, guile and brawn, where the road to glory is paved with broken friendships and shredded dignity. Who will emerge victorious and be crowned Mr Edinburgh 2016? You decide. BEASTS have appeared on BBC Three, Comedy Central and BBC Radio 4. Directed by Tom Parry. 'The new breed of sketch show' (Guardian). 'A tsunami of silliness' **** (Telegraph). 'Unforgettably nutty' **** (Times). 'Sheer outrageousness' **** (