be-dom: The Beat Bang!

Going to a percussion based show at the Fringe could go one of two ways: it’ll either be a case of just watching people hit things for an hour, or it’ll be a veritable fiesta for all ages. Fortunately for be-dom their show The Beat Bang falls into the latter category.

The Beat Bang knows what it is and does it well.

Audience interaction is key before the six members of be-dom even make it on stage, with instructions appearing on a screen above the stage inciting the audience to clap, click and make cow noises to a rhythm. After that the show is largely a fusion of drums and imaginative wordless sketches carried out with great energy and enthusiasm by the Portuguese sextet. There are cultural references to keep the grown-ups entertained and a series of physical and visual gags (it is wordless after all) that go down well.

There is no point in going to see The Beat Bang if you’d rather remain passive and uninvolved at the back. Follow the kids’ lead and get stuck in, I guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun that way. The show surpasses barriers of language and culture and although some of the slapstick may appeal more to a family demographic, people over the age of twelve can still appreciate the sheer joy emanating from the stage.

The Beat Bang knows what it is and does it well. A good hour of fun to take your niece or your nan to, it may not be particularly hard-hitting but it doesn’t need to be. If you like physical sketches and have an appreciation for rhythm then you’ll enjoy this.

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The Blurb

Irresistible percussive party filled with rhythm, comedy and audience participation! be-dom bring their charismatically energetic vibe back to the Fringe in an interactive, innovative new show that is sure to entertain you ... yes, you! 'be-dom is a fabulous recipe for one of the most original and fun-filled hours on the Fringe ... had the crowd on their feet at the close in rapturous applause and well-deserved it was too’ (Herald). 'It's hilarious… The group’s warm, accessible and fun manner allows them to talk to every generation, without actually ever saying a word’ (List).