BBC: Radio 1's Fun and Filth Cabaret - Night 1

BBC: Radio 1’s Fun and Filth Cabaret returns to the Fringe with its hosts Scot Mills and Nick Grimshaw. For four nights they will present a pick and mix of this years fringe. To kick of the first night of festivities they were joined onstage by Mark Wright from the only way is Essex and Emily Atack who most people will remember for the Inbetweeners as Charlotte Hinchcliffe whose mum happened to be in audience much to her chagrin.

It certainly was an eclectic bunch that performed last night, kicking it off were acapella group The Blanks, who many of you might know from Scrubs, they performed a medley of songs including Teenage Dream and that song from Cee Lo Green that would be awkward to type. With fantastic energy on stage they far outshine their onscreen performances.

Following The Blanks Was Tim Vine and his pithy one-liners. I do mean this quite literally as his slot was filled with one off jokes on every imaginable topic. It’s claimed he has a joke about anything, which he endeavored to prove with audience suggestions to some success – who knows a joke about cabbage anyway?

Kitty Bang Bang is a lithe and luxurious burlesque act with a twist. If you were sitting in the front row of her show, I hope you weren’t wearing anything flammable. Her daring was proven at the end when she set her nipple tassels on fire.

The next to take the stage was Chris Martin. Not the singer from but instead the talented comedian who happens to share a name much to his annoyance. His witty jokes and banter had the audience in stitches.

Though each act was a surprise some were definitely more starling than others. When Mr. Zip jumped up from the audience to give a surprise performance even the host seemed surprised. Scouting for Girls impromptu accompaniment as Chris Stark attempted to beat the world record for eating chicken nougats also delighted the audience.

Rounding out the night was the Curious Couple from Coney; a charismatic duo that pushes the boundaries of what is normal or possible. As the teeny Heather Holiday swallowed sword after sword into her tiny frame the audience could barely contain themselves.

This is quality Cabaret; so if you’re in Edinburgh, listen up. Turn on your radio and get your tickets.

Reviews by Nicole Adam

The Blurb

Scott Mills and Nick Grimshaw return to present their Fun and Filth Cabaret. Expect late-night outrageousness with a dangerous mix of celebs, comedy, music, dancing and the weirdest cabaret from the Fringe.