Batman! Holy Spoof Musical Batstravaganza!

This full house was eager to be entertained by a certain caped crusader. However, what proceeded was a bitter disappointment. Normally a quick synopsis of the script would appear here, but I honestly don't know what happened. There were some Bugsy Malone style gangters and quite a lot of running around, The Joker and Catwoman were there for a while and then everything was sorted out at the end. No amount of catchy theme tune could resurrect such a cul-de-sac of a plot.Despite his reputation, in this show Batman was far from omnipresent. He was too much of an absence on-stage which meant that elongated and stilted scenes with more minor characters tested too much of the audience's patience. Endless attempts at cheap gags became tedious, as the people texting throughout would probably testify. Robin, however, redeemed the show by echoing a spoilt child, desperate to gain independence from a patronising Batman. Whilst being both adorable and comical, the fact that his comedy stood out so much proves the script’s lack of attention.In order to make a successful spoof you need to know the original material inside-out. Unfortunately, any shred of authenticity in this piece had been replaced by insipid and generic performances which did not even attempt to inhibit the characters we recognise. The musical aspect of the show is just as underwhelming, as is the painfully awkward and verbose dialogue. An obviously enthusiastic cast has been wasted in a show that needs more conviction and a lot more practice.

The Blurb

Dananana-nananana-nananana-nananana-Batman! Will the caped crusader rescue Gotham from evil supervillains? Will he and Robin ever make it to the zoo? And will there be Bat-peas for dinner? Kapow! Boff! Wham!