Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden – Old Masters

How can you review Barry Cryer? He's a British comedy legend, practically an institution. So, if I give him a bad review, you dear reader will probably think I'm some no good kid that can't tell their arse from their elbow and dismiss this as the ramblings of an idiot. But of course his new show is utterly fantastic.

An hour that combines some good clean fun with laughs, what more can you ask for?

Barry shares the limelight with his long term buddy Ronnie Golden. The theme of the show is old age and they take great care to point it out at every opportunity. They certainly don't come across as old farts but as two men that enjoy working together and making audience laugh.

You might expect Ronnie to be living under Barry's shadow but he holds his own and carries most of the show forward with a lot of the hour taken up with comedy songs.

They range from topics such as bus passes and drinking at home. You'll find a variety of styles and a genre bending Bruce Springsteen pastiche stands out for getting a whole bunch of impressions in their as well. Turns out Barry Cryer can do a fairly good Johnny Cash.

We comedy nerds can sometimes forget how good a classic X walks into a joke can be. Barry excels in writing and telling them. I can pretty much tell you every joke in the show from memory as they are so simple but effective.

Barry and Ronnie live up to the name of their show. It's an hour that combines some good clean fun with laughs, what more can you ask for? Now I better stand up as I've been sitting on my elbows for too long.

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The Blurb

Expect comedy songs and gags galore from the well-loved duo, back at the Fringe to prove they're still alive and old's cool. Barry will have an aviary of new parrot jokes and Ronnie will be cleaning up after them. 'Two of comedy's most fabled masters' (Festival Times). 'I laughed incontinently' (Guardian).