Bane tells the story of hitman Bruce Bane, ‘a hired hand who gets the job done’. In the first instalment of the story, Bane works back through a convoluted web of friends, foes, memories and chance encounters to find out who is after him. Drama, comedy, and the consequent body count are all extremely high in this unashamedly mad, fast-paced crime story. 

Not only is Bane a brilliant hour of comedy, it also includes possibly the best evil laugh to date.

Bane is, quite simply, a triumph. Gripping from the outset, the show is an ingenious film-noir pastiche that sparkles with wit and charm, told entirely through the body of sole performer, Joe Bone. Bone tirelessly races through the story which is littered with hilarious, distinctive villains who are each characterised by an accent from one of Bone’s seemingly inexhaustible range. No props, no set pieces or sound effects were necessary to effectively evoke the story’s strange, dangerous world, which has been expertly crafted with a great script and tons of cinematic flair. It is the conflation of theatrical and filmic conventions that makes this piece of theatre so wonderfully unique; the sheer imagination of the story and its dashes of self-awareness mean it never ceases to entertain. Not a single weak scrap of dialogue or dull scene brings this production down. Not only is Bane a brilliant hour of comedy, it also includes possibly the best evil laugh to date.

The live soundtrack accompanying the story, played by Ben Roe, is subtle and atmospheric, seamlessly blending in with every scene to effectively set mood and tone. It is an understated but essential element of the show.

If you like your theatre sharp, witty and frankly unforgettable, Bane is definitely not one to miss.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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'Bane' is the story of hitman Bruce Bane as he tries to find out who’s after him. Joe Bone tells the story like a movie, to Ben Roe’s live soundtrack. All the Bane shows are independent stories and can be seen in any order. See all four for £30. "Excellent" (The Times)