• By Tim Earl
  • |
  • 9th May 2009
  • |
  • ★★★★★

The listing describes this as ‘A One-Man Comedic Film-Noir Parody’. I can’t argue with that; its comedic, very noir, a shameless parody, and it’s done by one man. But that’s an understatement, Bane is a tour-de-force. Bruce Bane, hit-man, suddenly finds himself the target, and must work out who wants him dead and why, whilst also avoiding the bullets and poisoned-darts of outrageous fortune.Setting and production are pretty much non-existent - it’s a bare stage and Bruce Bane. But he commands it totally, bringing the whole story to life with a dazzling array of impersonations, characterisations and vocal sound effects.On top of all this, the writing is extremely inventive. Myriad twists and turns in the plot are gratuitously engineered to create opportunities for sound effects and character juxtapositions that keep the whole thing bubbling along like a … great big bubbling-along-thing. And on top of that there are nods to a host of other genres, and a generous sprinkling of self-deprecation to show that it doesn’t take itself at all seriously.Oh, did I mention the guitarist? He’s damned good, too!

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The Blurb

One-man comedic film noir parody. Join Bruce Bane as he journeys through the city in this dark, engaging and comic tale of revenge. Character comedy and storytelling at its finest!