Balletronic has a name that intrigued me from the get-go. Mixing ballet with electronic music is something that, for me, has still not been executed to its full potential by a company yet. The Ballet Revolucion Company have come from Havana to give it a damn good try.

They manage to inject something new into the balletic style; the energy during these peaks is breathtaking.

The whole show is based on the idea of a composer dreaming, searching for inspiration and in turn dancing and hearing music as he tosses and turns back and forth. A dancer clad in a red tutu appears to him holding a white violin, something which very much stands as a symbol of the whole show. The music changes from classical to pop, all played by a live band on stage as the two characters are joined by the rest of the company.

The choreography has real flashes of something brilliant. At points, they manage to inject something new into the balletic style; the energy during these peaks is breathtaking. However other sections feel a little lacklustre and too traditional for the brilliant uptempo drumming. The band throughout are flawless, worth going along for on their own, keeping a pulsing rhythm and cohesion running throughout the whole thing.

Certain pieces feel a little drawn out and the choreography does tend to lean more towards the subdued than the energetic. The male dancers of the company definitely help to counterbalance this with amazing power and expression. The female dancers look much more at home during the contemporary sections where they seem much more expressive and free - the confines of the pointe sections seem to strap them down and dull their voices a little.

This all being said it's great to see ballet being brought to a mainstream audience and the modern music choices really help to make it accessible. At points when choreography and music align you can see you are watching something really special. I just think this company can go a lot further and push a lot harder. 

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

The Ballet Revolucion Company presents the world premiere of Balletronic, direct from Havana. From the creators that brought you the hit international dance show Ballet Revolucion, standby for their next innovative and dynamic production. A deconstructed and unique fusion of classical and contemporary music driven by a DJ with cutting edge grooves. Be moved by 10 of Cuba's finest dancers and musicians, mixed with a soundscape of cool DJ loops and electronica taking audiences on an unforgettable journey. With music by Avicii, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith ... and a little bit of Chopin!