Back of the Bus

Set on a vintage red bus, this delightful dance piece oozes charm and captures the imagination. The audience are transported on a magical journey around Edinburgh. This interactive show is great for all the family; stopping at various secret locations and travelling around on a bus is very fun. On joining the bus we present our tickets to an old fashioned clippie before making our way to the upstairs seats.

The performers surprise and capture the essence of their characters with ease.

The story revolves around different characters and a friendly New Zealand hostess. The characters are introduced through individual narrative dance sequences which allow us to get to know their personalities. As the performance progresses interwoven strands are developed involving dancing relationships between the different characters. Using a unique blend of visual storytelling they successfully build relationships with us and each other. Along with a beautiful musical score all the dancers surprise and delight. Whether they are waltzing through the aisles or dancing through the streets, there is never a dull moment on the red bus. It transports us on a mystery tour past a moving backdrop of the city whilst we become entranced by our fellow passengers. The dance routines are fresh and energetic whilst the performance is injected with a sense of fun. This is an innovative and successful approach to entertainment.

The performers capture the essence of their characters with ease. The show combines a fluidity of movement and sound with a wonderful natural presentation style. The dancers are warm and welcoming. New acquaintances become familiar friends as they slowly draw everybody into the narrative. Audience participation is encouraged but not forced. I found myself keeping time and happily clapping along with the rhythm of the performance as it progressed to its destination.

The overall physicality of the dance was excellent and I loved the concept. This delightful idea brings people together and the shared experience of travelling leaves a comfortable air of companionship. By the end of the performance everybody leaves smiling.

Reviews by Jenny Johnston

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Back of the Bus



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The Blurb

Come ride the Red Bus through the streets of Edinburgh as dancers propel themselves along the aisles and hang from the roof. Physical comedy, kinetic energy and outrageous scenarios combine to create a magical mystery tour. Fresh from sell-out seasons at 12 New Zealand and Australian arts festivals. Top five in Adelaide Fringe, as reviewed by audience and critics. ***** (,, ‘Loved the show last night – I felt like a kid at a candy store full of wonder and excitement’ (Audience member). Catch the dancing bus in Edinburgh.