Baby Wants Candy: The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical

Incredible, hilarious, infectious, amazing. These are just some of the words that were uttered by audience members as they left Wednesday evening’s production of Baby Wants Candy. There were undoubtedly more compliments and statements of awe, but it was almost impossible to hear them over the continued whoops, cheers and applause that echoed on long after the cast had left the stage. This level of praise is utterly and completely deserved.

It’s hard to put into words the level of talent and energy that oozes from the stage

Despite its solid reputation, it is easy to be sceptical before the performance starts. It is, after all, a completely improvised musical. Nothing has been rehearsed or planned, so it is inevitable that there will be moments where things are rough or where things go wrong. However, it is in these moments of imperfection that the hilariousness and sheer genius of Baby Wants Candy lie.

The cast are absolutely phenomenal. It’s hard to put into words the level of talent and energy that oozes from the stage. The characters, that are created on the spot, are excellent and some of the performances are unbelievably good. Ashley Ward’s take on a former Olympic figure skater-turned-swimmer was hysterical and it beggars belief that the routine was not rehearsed. Nathan Jansen and Tim Sniffen’s ‘Rio Crime Lords’ were another highlight and the carnival-esque song and dance number that came from them was probably the best in the show. But these are just some moments from what was a completely wonderful theatrical experience. Every cast member and every song could be singled out for its brilliance.

No review of the show would be complete without mentioning the band. They performed together flawlessly and created so much of the magical moments of the show. Credit should go to Dan Reitz as Musical Director and pianist. There were moments when I found myself watching him rather than the action on stage. He is truly a musical genius.

Baby Wants Candy is running at Assembly George Square Studios until the 28th at 9.30pm. Get your tickets while you still can - you won’t regret it.

Reviews by Hayley Sophie Scott

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Baby Wants Candy: The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical




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