Baby Wants Candy: The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical!

How long does it take to write, choreograph and rehearse a musical? For most musicals it’s a long, drawn-out process. For Baby Wants Candy there’s no need for all this prep. Why go to all that effort when you could just make it all up as you go along?

Based on audience suggestions, Baby Wants Candy improvise an entirely new musical every night, promising never to offer the same experience twice. Previous examples of their musicals include When Gingers rule the World! and Fifty Shades of Gay! Yes, really. When the musical suggestion Chariots of Fur! was shouted from the audience there looked like an initial moment of panic from the cast. From here on, it could easily have gone chaotically wrong. I was sure that at any moment the cast would simply admit that they couldn’t work with this suggestion. There was no reason for me to be nervous for them.

For the first and last time ever the cast performed Chariots of Fur! a musical about hamsters who long to escape the confinement of their cages. The cast rattle through songs about hamster love, running in balls and, of course, the most common of hamster troubles, what happens when humans squeeze them so hard that poo comes out. It all seems so much funnier when the hamsters have names like Bartholomew, Nibbles and Scar (the genital-less bad guy). You can’t make this stuff up, unless you’re as talented as this lot.

All of the cast have a great set of lungs on them and sing really well, especially considering the spontaneous nature of their lyrics. Due to certain plot twists, the hamsters end up climbing the tables of the lecture theatre, clambering over the heads of the audience – and yes, they were still singing at the same time. There’s just no knowing what these guys will do next; they’re unpredictable and very, very funny.

The band are also terrific and deserve a mighty cheer. There might be an occasional song which doesn’t quite get as many laughs and it takes a while to get into full swing but given the nature of the show this is understandable. Even when a joke doesn’t work the cast still draw laughs by poking fun at themselves. Today’s musical is four stars but tomorrows could easily be five. Book now. You’re guaranteed a hilarious show and maybe even a free t-shirt.


The Blurb

Critics' Pick, ‘truly amazing’ (NY Times). ***** ‘An entertainment phenomenon ... I am in awe of their talent!’ (Scotsman). The multi award-winning festival favourite returns having sold out six previous Edinburgh Fringes.