Attrape Moi

There is nothing so delightful as watching something you assume to be impossible done before your eyes. Attrape Moi, by Quebecois company Flip FabriQue, perfectly captures this delight in every single moment of its packed Fringe offering returning from 2016. The fast-paced acts and character driven transitions eschew grandstanding and fishing for applause in favour of keeping the show going, but the audience has no trouble interjecting to show their appreciation.

Infectious passion that had the audience laughing as well as cheering

Themed around a weekend away reuniting old friends, Attrape Moi (Catch Me) sees the seven members of Flip FabriQue apparently playing themselves, outfitted in street clothes and with lines in English, but genuine communication in undisguised French, their native language. One early segment features six of their number performing a tightly choreographed floor routine with the calling and communication between them centred as part of the bit, rather than disguised or minimised. Not only is this an effective way of teaching the audience each other’s names, it also developed the story of old friends coming together and concludes with a playful chalking up of the set’s back wall.

For all the camaraderie and casual vibe, Attrape Moi features the most precise, choreographed, and well-executed circus acts I’ve seen this festival, all featuring daring music and lighting choices, and most involving the whole company even when the focus is on a single performer. The show doesn’t have a single weak link; highlights include a fast-paced diablo juggling routine, a doubles floor routine lit only by the other five members holding flashlights, and the trampoline finale the likes of which I have never seen before.

For many, circus is about fun before everything else, and Flip FabriQue lean into this with an infectious passion that has the audience laughing as well as cheering. Why else enhance a juggling act with live sound effects, climb into sleeping bags the wrong way round before a tumbling act, or frame the finale around chasing each other to retrieve the breakfast cereal box? As they say in their closing remarks, “believe it or not, this is our real job! And we’re so grateful.” I guarantee, everyone in the audience was as well, and you will be too when you see this unmissable piece of circus.

Reviews by Alex Bailey Dillon

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Twirling 12 hoops, dancing with diabolos, soaring through the air – all in a day's play for Flip FabriQue! These Fringe favourites return after sell-out seasons – experience these high-flying, fearless and fun young artists as they astound audiences with adrenaline-pumping feats of cutting-edge nouveau cirque. Crowd-pleasing spectacles of extreme acrobatics, dramatic turns on the trampoline wall and inventive parkour will dazzle. Let yourself be surprised by this virtuoso display of athleticism and showmanship for the whole family. 'Stupendously impressive' ***** (Stage). 'Completely invigorating and totally mesmerising' ***** (The Edinburgh Guide).