Attrape Moi! (Catch Me!)
  • Adelaide Fringe

Flip FabriQues 'Attrape Moi! (Catch Me!)' is the rocking new face of Quebec Circus.These fearless Canadians have been wowing audiences and critics around the world with their spectacular brand of radical feats, extreme acrobatics, breath-taking trampoline turns, awesome parkour and cheeky comedy.Dont miss Attrape Moi! (Catch Me!)!Its the best gravity-defying, adrenaline pumping fun for all ages youll see at this years Adelaide Fringe. Youll see, it rocks! " Le ParisienA must See! " Huffington PostFlip FabriQue projects an irrepressible spirit of fun New York Times all these mind-blowing acts performed by six athletes at the height of their art. La PresseActs that dont seem humanly possible.. New York Times