At the Junction Cafe
  • Brighton Fringe

Homegrown Buckle Collective hits Brighton Fringe with a new, experimental black comedyAt times moving, at times hilarious, 'At the Junction Cafe' is a battle of the generations that explores relationships, memory and human communication in a highly innovative way. Two people meet in a cafe. Who are they? Are they connected? Will a struggle of wills ensue?This group of local professional artists, led by Charmaine K. Parkin and including Nathalie Codsi and Jack Klaff, got together in November 2016. This, their first production, is the premiere of a play written by Tim Coakley. Charmaine K. Parkin, the Director, said: The team and I are really excited about the themes and theatricality that can be brought out in this piece. It breaks normal theatre conventions, which is at times quite scary. The contrast between this and the heartfelt subject matter is fascinating to watch. They plan to tour the play after Brighton Fringe.